Friday, May 1, 2009

Diabetes & Hollywood

Now, you're probably reading this post, thinking, yea, yea, it's going to be a list of all the entertainers that have diabetes. Well, no it's not.

First of all, it's been an exhausting week. Lot's of baseball, piano, gymnastics, doctors, working, studying and yes, Hollywood. C had her endo appointment at CHLA on Tuesday, which is pretty darn near Hollywood itself. You must understand that even though we live only 30-40 miles from Los Angeles, it can take 2 hours sometimes to get there or...more importantly, to get home. So we had driven down on Tuesday already. On Wednesday, I picked up C from school and whisked her away once again. This time it was for a real "Hollywood" thing.

A friend of mine, whose kids are way into the acting thing, came across a talent search for diabetic kids. She thought of us and referred C to the casting agency. They needed actual, honest to goodness, kids with sparkly personalities and diabetes! It would be for marketing a new diabetes device (this intrigued me). Well...lo and behold, we were called for an audition! We got our time slot and directions. It was kind of exciting!! I am no stage mom, that's for sure. So, my friend gave me some pointers and hints about the protocol of such auditions and advised me to "just be prepared" with a headshot and resume. What? She's 7 years old. What could possibly go on a resume?

With this little tidbit of info, I spent most of Wednesday morning fussing around, trying to pick out a photo of C and print up a resume. Ha! Turns out, once I actually typed it all up, it looked quite impressive (to me!) I listed everything from piano recitals to singing in the school talent show. We even went out shopping the day before for a new little outfit--bright and cheery (and not stained). So...we were set...Hollywood here we come!!

I picked her up from school. We checked her bg and she changed in the car. I had snacks all counted out and she ate as I drove. The traffic wasn't too horrible in the carpool lane. Our audition appointment was at 3:45. We arrived in the parking structure at 3:40! Pretty good, huh?! I was sure glad I had gotten cash out of the bank earlier in the day...parking was going to be $12. So, we parked, paid and I fixed her hair. It was weird, I felt so nervous, myself. Maybe that's why I never became a star! Oh well. C was not nervous at that was good. We walked to the parking attendant and handed him the keys. He pointed us in the right direction. Past all the Mercedes and BMWs (1 Jaguar), we found the entrance. [Insert Name] Studios ---this is the place! We walked down a long hallway and followed the signs. It was a maze. Several moms and kids passed us by. I guess we were moving too slowly. We got to a large room, filled with...toddlers! Are we in the right place? The email said 8-14 year olds. Over in the corner we spied a small group of older kids with parents. That must be our group, I thought. Yup. Looked like we should sign in and wait. Minutes later, the young gal at the computer helped us set up our own account online for the online casting company.

"Do you need a resume?" I asked. "A picture?"

"No, not for this one," she said.

"Humpf," I muttered under my breath.

Well...we waited only minutes and C was called. I got up with her and the casting director said they preferred parents wait outside. Well, I wanted to at least check out the room. So the director said, "certainly."

I said "we've never done anything like this before." I peeked in the room. There were 2 other gals and a camera guy. I smiled and told C I'd be right outside.

After, maybe 3 minutes, C walked out. She was beaming and giggling. I asked her what they asked her to do. She repeated several questions they had asked her. She was told to look surprised and then to laugh.

I looked around at all the other kids waiting for their turns. Moms were primping ponytails. One little boy was practicing his smile. We were certainly out of our element. I looked down at C and smiled. She gave me a hug. And, as we started walking back through the maze to leave, I glanced at her shoes. She had worn the dirtiest, oldest, worn-out pair of shoes that she owns! Oh well, I thought. "Hey, if I were in charge of casting," I told her, "you'd get the job, for sure!"

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