Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Step Forward

One step forward...two steps back. That about sums up how we're feeling around here regarding diabetes. (And by "we," I mean "I!")

We've been focusing on diabetes-related issues since C's last endo appointment: Carb-counting (& measuring), logging everything, and on-time site changes. On top of all these things, I have been trying to divert attention away from not-so-friendly treats. Maybe we're focusing too intently? I don't know. But, I feel like all of it has back-fired horiffically on us recently. :(

1. Carb-counting really isn't rocket science when we have a nutrition guide to help...or C eats what we know to be 15 grams or such. However, then we start in with home-made goodies or snack bar food or items that we have no information for, and, gets tricky. Oh, and that "regular" coke vs. "diet" coke issue was just plain bad this week. And we reeled from it for about 12 hours.

2. The logbook. Ug! We used to do it so consistently when C was first diagnosed. We never missed a number, a dose. For nearly 3 years we did it. And then, after C had the pump for several months, my thinking turned. "Why do we need to log all of this? All the info is right there in the pump!" Well, some things aren't in illness, emotions, exercise, and decisions that go along with this juggling act. So, this week, we went back to logging. It's difficult. They say a habit can be formed in 21 days of consistent, repetitive behavior. We're only on day 4.

3. Then, there are site changes. It never fails, that when we try to get away with that 4th day, things get out of hand. We'd been doing pretty well the last few weeks. But yesterday I just happened to think "Hey, our supply order should have come by now!" (We order C's infusion sets, reservoirs and skin prep stuff online.) It had been 9 days since I ordered. I looked in the skin preps left. 2 infusion sets. 1 reservoir. I called. Order was being shipped today but not with the skin preps. They are no longer covered. Covered or not, we need them! Why wasn't I notified of this? Send them, please!! I was told we'd receive 2 separate orders by Friday. I know I cut it close with ordering but why does it take 12 days to get medical supplies that we NEED and always order every 3 months? (That's rhetorical.)

So triple ug.

Type 1 parents: Curious...How do you manage these wild beasts? Do you have a story, a trick, a solution? We'd love to hear from you!

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