Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What My Sister Deals With--by C's 11 year old brother

My sister C was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 22 months old. Before C was 3 years old she would have to have insulin injections about 5 times a day. My sister is now 7. When she was 3 she got a insulin pump that puts insulin in her by the touch of a button. Every 3 days she gets her site changed for fresh insulin to go in her. Every day she pricks her finger about 8-10 times a day to check what her blood glucose is and see if she has to put insulin in her. When my sister is low or high in her blood glucose her stomach, her legs, and her arms start to hurt. She also gets a little dizzy sometimes. When she feels very icky she tells my mom or my dad. If my sister’s numbers go to low it can cause death, if my sisters numbers are to high to frequently.

What I’ve Done and What I Can Do to Help My Sister

I have helped my sister with certain things. I have checked on my sister when my mom says to. I have checked my sister’s blood glucose to help her and my mom. I can be sympathetic. I can tell her I wish I could understand how she is feeling. I can help her eat healthy. I can recognize when my sister feels low or high and have her check herself. I have also gotten my blood drawn for a trial, for scientists to figure out why people get diabetes.

Why We Need a Cure

We need a cure because every hour someone in the world is diagnosed with diabetes. More people have diabetes then any other disease or cancer in the world. Most people get diagnosed with type 1 diabetes by the time they are 30 years old. Diabetes takes people down a hard, harsh, painful, life-threating life. Many diabetics will suffer from kidney failure, blindness, amputation, heart disease and stroke. If my little sister goes through this I will feel horrible and sick to my stomach. My family and I have done JDRF walks to raise money for diabetes. I can keep on doing this to help those who have diabetes and those who will get diabetes.
(posted on big C's birthday!)

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