Monday, May 11, 2009

The B.A.D. Ride

One of the upcoming diabetes events here in Southern California is the B.A.D. Ride (Bikers Against Diabetes). It is being held on Saturday, June 14, 2009. Bikers and cars will meet at several different locations to start the ride. Many of these are Harley-Davidson dealerships in the surrounding areas. They will make the ride down to Oak Canyon Park in Orange County. There, you will find all sorts of festivities: games, food, and entertainment. It is affiliated with the American Diabetes Association.

The B.A.D. Ride is found not only in Southern California, but also Northern California, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, and Arizona.

Last year, we made the ride and met up with all the bikers against diabetes. What a sight! None of us are motorcycle riders, so we followed down in our family SUV. We were to meet C's kindergarten teacher there with her husband. (Yes, a Harley-riding kindergarten teacher!). Well, instead of us spotting her, she easily spotted us, among the sea of leather, tatoos and...well...we kind of stood out!

Anyway...we walked around with the "coolest teacher" around, ate a BBQ lunch, played some games and got to watch an intriguing trick-riding team (on Harleys, of course!) But the best part of the day was hanging out with C's teacher. She has been a loving, caring and involved teacher in all three of our kids' lives. It was special to participate in the ride with her.

We have lots of pictures of the day. To see our B.A.D. Ride photo album...
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