Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of 2009

So, taking a cue from my blogging friends...I'm reviewing the year at my pump gear, with a twist.  Since 2009 is ending in just a few hours, here are the ending lines of some posts from last year...
  • We're back in the blogosphere.
  • Maybe I'm the only one who notices the bulge from her insulin pump just beneath her skirt.
  • God did.
  • I just really miss my Trader Joe's french toast.
  • Let's go to the snackbar!
  • "Hey, if I were in charge of casting," I told her, "you'd get the job, for sure."
  • "Wow!  I got to see a famous doctor!"
  • I mean a kid can only have so much sugar-free jell-o.
  • Money has no expiration date.
  • Support is just one mouse click away.
  • I guess diabetes liked Sea World just as much as we did.
  • Maybe we should have just gone back another time.
  • Gee, diabetes, you're so subtle.
  • I love the Fourth of July.
  • Oh, the possibilities!
  • Instant unspoken bond...whenever I meet another D-mom.
  • I think it's the case of the incredible shrinking carbs!
  • What a sleep-over.
  • Thankful for...the Lord...for everything.
  • Wow, what a perspective!
  • So thankful to have received the injections.
  • And, like I said, we felt hope.
Now...I'm going to go get in my jammies and watch the ball drop with the kids!  I'm looking forward to 2010!  Will we be saying "two thousand ten" or "twenty ten?"  I guess we'll find out tomorrow...

Cheers to you all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Dia-versary!

Yes, that's right.  HAPPY Dia-versary! It's been 6 years for us.  6 years of finger pokes.  6 years of insurance battles.  6 years of 12 midnight and 3 am.  6 years of insulin, tears and fears...6 years of diabetes.  And, yes, today is a happy day.

Our family is choosing to celebrate this day, December 29th, C's diagnosis day.  We are not, by any means, celebrating diabetes.  Rather, we are celebrating LIFE, where diabetes has taken our family and the strength C has gained, because of this disease.  It was 6 years ago today that began this incredible journey for her and our family.  It is bittersweet to me, for sure.  I am so happy that God made me stay that long, awful night in the ER.  I am happy that we actually got the disturbing, confusing diagnosis.  Because that means, diabetes did not win out.

My eyes are welling up as I type.  But, really, I am happy.  My daughter is thriving.  Our family is growing.  And we are blessed beyond measure...despite diabetes.  No.  It will not win out.  We will work hard to keep things in check.  We will lean on friends and family who, may not fully understand our situation, but love us tremendously.  We will continue to learn about new advances for diabetes management.  We will hope, still, for a cure.  We will continue to lend and gather support from our online friends who know exactly what we're up against.  This is a great day.

So...we're off to go...bowling!...C's choice.  We may even get some ice cream too! 

Happy Dia-versary C!  We love you...

( the ice cream!  And 2 hours later?...only 226!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dill Review

Back in the summer, there was a post about C being invited to a birthday party and the onslaught of diabetes talk that came with it.  I wrote about the "Pickle Pop lady" and how she was so convinced that they are perfect for daughter included.

Well, it just so happens that the owner of Bob's Pickle Pops read my post and contacted me via Twitter!  Really!!  It floored me.  He offered to send some pops for my family to try and see what we think.  Through our email discussion, he seemed very thoughtful and generous.  I took him up on his offer.  In just a few days, the pops arrived.

Now, I'm a friend of the dill and then.  But it's certainly not my favorite treat.  I know there's practically no carbs involved, but the salt content is enough to knock your socks off.  And it's no different in the Pickle Pops.  They are simply frozen, crushed, dill pickles (like an ice pop, if you will).  One taste was all I needed to know...this treat was not meant for me. 

Now, my husband?  He ate one.  I mean the whole thing.  I said "Wow, you must like it?"

"No, not really," he told me.  I should have known...he will eat just about anything.

I offered one to C.  Her response was nearly the same as mine.  Big C wanted nothing to do with them.  I couldn't get him to even try one.  Then there was middle C.  He was my true taste tester.  I will let the following photo tell of his response.  It's pretty clear.

Unfortunately, they were a "no-go" for our entire household.  Sorry Bob!  It's an interesting and amusing concept.  However, in my opinion, people who are looking for a low calorie snack (diabetes, or not), sometimes have other medical issues which could include high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc....and I don't think the high sodium content is a healthy option.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Infusion Site Woes

I couldn't let Wednesday's picture go without explanation.

Now, we've had infusion site issues in the past.  If C is running high with no other explanation, it's likely that the infusion site is the culprit...or air bubbles...or a blockage of some sort...or old insulin...or, well, it's never really likely anything for sure.  We just start deducting and trying to figure it out.  And, sometimes, yes, when an old set is pulled out, we sometimes find the catheter like Wednesday's picture...bent, blocked, maybe just past its prime, so to speak.

But this was different.  It was not an old site at all.  I ripped it out nearly as fast as the QuickSerter punched it in.  As soon as that little spring-loaded device did it's job, C screamed at the top of her lungs, "It hurts!!"  She was wriggling like a worm.  I usually ask "Does it hurt enough to take out and try again?"  And most times it will all be fine.  But this was quite a different reaction.  So, out it came.  I looked at it.  That's bizarre, I thought. 

It must have hit muscle.  Or C must have tensed up.  I don't know.  But I hated that it happened.  I hate that every 3 days, there is a high probability that I will hurt my daughter.  I sat and stroked her long, pretty hair.  "I'm so sorry Sweetheart.  I don't want to hurt you, C."  Her tears cleared up quickly.  I prepped her once more.

"Relax, Honey.  Here we go..."

"Oh," she said.  "That one didn't even hurt at all!"


Wednesday, December 2, 2009