Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dill Review

Back in the summer, there was a post about C being invited to a birthday party and the onslaught of diabetes talk that came with it.  I wrote about the "Pickle Pop lady" and how she was so convinced that they are perfect for daughter included.

Well, it just so happens that the owner of Bob's Pickle Pops read my post and contacted me via Twitter!  Really!!  It floored me.  He offered to send some pops for my family to try and see what we think.  Through our email discussion, he seemed very thoughtful and generous.  I took him up on his offer.  In just a few days, the pops arrived.

Now, I'm a friend of the dill and then.  But it's certainly not my favorite treat.  I know there's practically no carbs involved, but the salt content is enough to knock your socks off.  And it's no different in the Pickle Pops.  They are simply frozen, crushed, dill pickles (like an ice pop, if you will).  One taste was all I needed to know...this treat was not meant for me. 

Now, my husband?  He ate one.  I mean the whole thing.  I said "Wow, you must like it?"

"No, not really," he told me.  I should have known...he will eat just about anything.

I offered one to C.  Her response was nearly the same as mine.  Big C wanted nothing to do with them.  I couldn't get him to even try one.  Then there was middle C.  He was my true taste tester.  I will let the following photo tell of his response.  It's pretty clear.

Unfortunately, they were a "no-go" for our entire household.  Sorry Bob!  It's an interesting and amusing concept.  However, in my opinion, people who are looking for a low calorie snack (diabetes, or not), sometimes have other medical issues which could include high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc....and I don't think the high sodium content is a healthy option.


  1. Love the picture! Too cute! The Pickle Pop sounds disgusting!

  2. Great photo! Of course I remember!! :-)))


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