Friday, December 4, 2009

Infusion Site Woes

I couldn't let Wednesday's picture go without explanation.

Now, we've had infusion site issues in the past.  If C is running high with no other explanation, it's likely that the infusion site is the culprit...or air bubbles...or a blockage of some sort...or old insulin...or, well, it's never really likely anything for sure.  We just start deducting and trying to figure it out.  And, sometimes, yes, when an old set is pulled out, we sometimes find the catheter like Wednesday's picture...bent, blocked, maybe just past its prime, so to speak.

But this was different.  It was not an old site at all.  I ripped it out nearly as fast as the QuickSerter punched it in.  As soon as that little spring-loaded device did it's job, C screamed at the top of her lungs, "It hurts!!"  She was wriggling like a worm.  I usually ask "Does it hurt enough to take out and try again?"  And most times it will all be fine.  But this was quite a different reaction.  So, out it came.  I looked at it.  That's bizarre, I thought. 

It must have hit muscle.  Or C must have tensed up.  I don't know.  But I hated that it happened.  I hate that every 3 days, there is a high probability that I will hurt my daughter.  I sat and stroked her long, pretty hair.  "I'm so sorry Sweetheart.  I don't want to hurt you, C."  Her tears cleared up quickly.  I prepped her once more.

"Relax, Honey.  Here we go..."

"Oh," she said.  "That one didn't even hurt at all!"



  1. Oh I know that feeling all to well! It sucks!! We have to change Tristan's site every 2 days. Most of the time it's fine but there are times that it hurts him. I feel horrible but unfortunately it has to be done. Hopefully one day we won't have to do it anymore!

  2. Oh, Nan. {{hugs}} It SUCKS when we have to hurt our babies (even if our baby is 6'3" tall and asks me to do his injection). Those inexplicable painful infusion sets are maddening!


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