Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wrong Carb Info

Like most families, I suppose, we have our favorite foods around our house. Sometimes, grocery shopping gets so monotonous. Some staples in our cupboard and fridge: Gogurt, string cheese, fish crackers, unsweetened applesauce, saltine crackers, sugar-free popsicles, no-sugar-added fudgesicles, baby carrots, granola bars. These are things I throw into the cart without thinking twice about the carb counts. I know them by heart. C is getting pretty good at it too.

But sometimes, products can throw us for a loop. My kids love love love waffles and french toast. I know they're carb-packed, but we count them and correct with the pump accordingly. We were so used to Trader Joe's French Toast...yummy. It's frozen and convenient. I finally had to come to terms and accept that their carb count on the box just isn't correct. I even mentioned it to the friendly guy at the cash register in our neighborhood TJs before. He gave me the blankest look. I smiled and said, "well, you know, my daughter - she's diabetic." Still blank. He smiled too. "Maybe you could let the manager know that the carbohydrate count on the box just isn't right."

"Okay," he said. "Need any help out with that Miss?" (This is why I like him. He calls me "Miss" instead of "Ma'am.)

"No thanks! Don't forget to tell your manager."

I don't know if I can really change anything here. I just really miss my Trader Joe's French Toast.

Has anyone ever come across carb counts on nutrition labels that just don't seem to match up? Have you ever tried to do something about it? What were your results?

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