Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bonnie Hunt Hosts Mary Tyler Moore

Did you see the Bonnie Hunt Show yesterday? April 22nd? Mary Tyler Moore was on it! We love Mary! Her new book came out last month: Growing Up Again - Life, Loves and Oh Yeah, Diabetes. She is so open and candid about her type 1 challenge. Do you know her story. She was diagnosed at age 30. She has been the international chairman for the JDRF for many years and is active speaking at the JDRF's Childrens' Congress in Washington, D.C..
She responded to a young lady's remark about wanting a book to read about diabetes that was personal, experience-based...not a "how-to" book. Mary wrote autobiographically about not only her struggle with diabetes, but also about different aspects of her younger years. I have to say, it does help tremendously to read and relate on a personal level with someone who knows exactly what the challenge is in your own life. Thanks, Mary!!

All of the proceeds from the book are going directly to the JDRF! So, go out and buy yours today...I'm going to!

...And...if you missed the show, you can still catch some clips of it from Bonnie's website!

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