Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Beginning

We're back in the blogosphere! my pump gear took a little hiatus with our blogging while the new website was being configured. Now that we're up and running again, we can breathe a little easier and have so much we want to write about too!

Since this really is a new blog address for us...let's first decide the intention of this blog.....

1). To be clear, my pump gear wants a CURE for diabetes!!! We have been immensely affected by this disease, like so many of you। It is of most importance that we work toward a cure। That is why portions of our proceeds go to organizations dedicated to finding that cure। These include such groups as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. These two places have helped to lift us out of the darkness that this diagnosis brings. So... #1 is...find a cure! If we come across any current, relevant information surrounding a cure, we will certainly write about it and bring it to you!

2). We believe, at present, an insulin pump is by far the best thing out there to help people gain better control over diabetes. And, kids are our passion! Kids need all the help they can get to live successfully with diabetes. That was the starting point for our company. Our daughter was just 3 years old when going onto the pump...still potty-training...and we had to find a way for her to wear this device 24/7. "If she has to live with an insulin pump, let's at least make it functional and fashionable!" That was the status of our hearts in the beginning. After digging deeper into the manufacturing process, our passion grew from helping just our own child to expanding our sights and helping other children along the way. What wonderful families we have met on this journey!...So...anything about the insulin pump and how to live with it--that will be in our blog as well.

3). Another purpose is to bring awareness to this disease. We are always on the hunt for news and events that are specific to diabetes, type 1 specifically. We strongly believe that the precursor of a cure is AWARENESS. This disease is so misunderstood by the general public. We want that to change! Anything that helps bring about that change is fair game here!

4). Lastly, but not anyless important than the first three intents is simply support. The diabetes online community is growing stronger everyday. What support we have received from those in the same boat. Not only have we found support in the management of the disease, but we have found emotional support...hey!...we're not alone...that has been a great feeling! And then, there's humor!...and boy, we all need that! It is our hope that humor will be a big part of this blogging process.

And so...we, at my pump gear will use this blog to bring awareness, opportunity and hope in all things diabetes. We hope you'll stick with us and share in this support system in the great blogosphere...

Until there's a cure,

my pump gear

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