Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Diabetes New Year Resolutions

Not that I want to set ourselves up for failure...but...

Here are some diabetes-related resolutions for 2010 (by the way, I like saying "twenty-ten"...you?):
  • We will change sites every 3 days...not 4, not 5, not...you get the picture!
  • We will definitely order Minimed supplies when ours run down to 1 month left so that we don't need to frantically drive to Minimed's home in Northridge. : )
  • We will keep a supply of diet 7 Up and regular 7 Up, hidden, away, so that it's there for those unexpected sick days.
  • We will communicate w/C's endo in more timely ways when her numbers start to creep up...like today!
  • We will step, further, out of our comfort bubble to make sure those around us learn about diabetes (at appropriate times, of course!)
  • We will use our many sets of measuring cups more!
Those don't seem too lofty of goals, do they?  What are you hoping to do/accomplish this new year?

Happy 2010 to you all!!!


  1. 1) I prefer 2010 LOL :)

    I think those are great goals for this year. I'm hoping to also get better control of Tristan's diabetes!

  2. hey Rachel! here's to all us D moms trying to help our kids this new year!!


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