Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Weekend Without Diabetes (sort of)

I left for the long weekend with my sister.  We headed north to our favorite meet up with my parents and spend some concentrated time with them.  No kids.  No husbands.  No distractions.  Oh, and no diabetes.

My parents are getting older (aren't we all?) and we thought it would be perfect timing to meet with them and talk about things like their rental properties and how we can help out with them.  Two locations are vacant at this time.  They would be showing them to prospective tenants and we could learn.

I made sure the fridge was stocked, laundry done, meds picked up and reminders written down. 

I almost forgot but C reminded me to get a birthday present for one of her little friends on Thursday night.  C seemed to be the one in the family who had a busy weekend ahead.  She was excited to be meeting with her new softaball team on Saturday and going to a birthday party on Sunday. 

After making sure everyone was set for the weekend, we left.

I didn't worry...too much.  My husband is quite capable.  It was a pretty light weekend, activitiy-wise.  Kids were healthy.  C's numbers had been just fine.  And honestly, there was a piece of me, deep-down, that was ready for a little respite from diabetes.

Later that night, when we had settled in, I made my good-night call.  I threw each one a kiss through the phone.  I got on the phone with the husband.
"Okay hon...have a great time with the folks.  Everything's being taken care of here" he said.
"Thanks!  I will.  Love you..."
 "Oh, just to let you know," he said, "C has a bit of a fever.  Nothing terrible...100 point something."
 "And she's been complaining of a sore throat."
 "Hon?  Are you there?  She'll be fine.  I just gave her some Tylenol."
 Big sigh.  "I know," I said.  "But I wouldn't have left if I had known..."
 "I know.  But it'll be fine.  I'm glad you're there.  You needed to go."
 "Please watch her numbers..."
Really this was the first illness C has had this entire school year.  I couldn't believe it.  I felt my neck.  It was already in knots.  Had I wished he hadn't told me?  Yes.  Would I have gotten angry if he hadn't told me?  Yes.  Oh brother.

I kept my phone on that night.  I just hoped he'd check her through the night.  Sometimes those fever highs are relentless and need more aggessive correction.  We had been doing so well on her bg averages.  And her next endo appointment is in a few weeks.  Argh.

It was a sleepless night.  This was not what I had been secretly wanting.  That next morning, as I was sipping my coffee and enjoying the view of the bay, I decided something.  I was going to release this anxiety, Lord willing.  I figured why in the world should I feel this tense?  I'm here.  She's there.  Husband's got it covered.  I can't do a blasted thing about her illness right now except to pray, as always.

I looked over at my dear mom and dad.  They were genuinely thrilled that my sister and I were there.  I smiled at them.  All of a sudden, I realized my role that weekend was that of daughter.  Not mom.  Not nurse.  I let it go.

Now and then, throughout the weekend, I'd get a text:  243, corrected and resting...mild fever...not complaining...91,eating dry cereal...267, but coming down.  And so it went.  Things were fine.  The sad part was that C missed out on the fun that she had planned that weekend.  But by Monday when I returned home, she was feeling rested and much better.  So was I. 

A weekend without diabetes?  No.  Not really.  Not ever, really.

My favorite place.


  1. Nice picture!

    Sorry that C wasn't feeling well! It's weird it always seems that a few weeks before T's endo appointment something happens to throw his numbers all out of whack!

    Stupid Diabetes!!!!!

  2. If it had to come, I'm so glad the fever came after you were on the road. It allowed you to do what you might otherwise would not have. Now you know you can do it again. And again, and again!

  3. I'm glad you had a chance to get away. Sorry, C was sick but like Lo said now you can get out more often. Btw, your husband rocks'


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