Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Believe Everything You Read

...or everything you see on television!

I get so frustrated when I read things that are incorrect.  Unfortunately, there's a lot of this when it comes to diabetes.  I've written letters before.  I have friends who have done their part too.  I'm tired, though.  Instead of writing another letter I wished I could have jumped through the television screen the other day.  I wanted so much to set them straight at the Today show.

Natalie Morales was interviewing a fitness expert, Jorge Cruz for a short segment on, you know...getting in shape, staying in shape, shaping up...something like that.  The show was playing in the background while I worked.  But then they started discussing carbohydrate counts, my ears perked up.  I sat and listened for a few minutes and began feeling very antsy.  What he was saying was NOT correct.  And the sweet little hostess, Ms. Morales, just sat there, nodding her head, saying "right, right."  Ug!...It was so not right at all!

This guy was rattling off numbers that did not make sense.  After scooping countless servings of ice cream with a measuring cup, I basically know that a serving is anywhere between 15 and 22 grams.  But this guy stated how terrible it is that a serving of ice cream is 54 grams.  What??  54 seemed to be the number of choice with this man.  Did you know that a cup of chocolate milk, nonfat, is also 54 grams?  Well, it's not.  It's about 32 grams.  I was furious and wanted to jump through the television screen and let him know what would happen if I gave insulin to my little kid  for 54 grams of carbs when it definitely isn't 54 grams.

And all the while, the hostess...smiling and nodding, "right, right."

Maybe these shows that are packed with information, just need to back off.  If they're going to cover a story, COVER a story.  Do the research.  Watch what they aire.  To them, it may be just filler time.  But it matters.  At least it matters to me.


  1. I am so with you on this frustration. I can barely swallow half the crap I see on TV these days.

    They just do not get it. (smh)

  2. WOW that's horrible! To give wrong information can be so dangerous. It so frustrating that "they" allow that to happen!

  3. Even if the hosts did do their research, there's never enough time to question or get an explanation. It's always on to the next segment. Precisely why primetime television is money. At least they know it's fantasy/fiction.

    mmmm Lost is returning soon.

  4.'s frustrating when it comes to something so important to us. and Chris, Lost may be even more believable than some of these "news" shows...hahaha...


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