Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy A1c!

First, let's just get the good news written down right away...

It's blurry...but there it is, in black and white!

C's A1c went from 8.2 last appointment to 7.1 last week!!!  Even her endo did a double take!  I told her I had really been almost obsessed about it.  Then she remembered all our emails back and forth a couple months prior.  We tweaked such minor amounts of basals and carb ratios.  But, wow, what a difference!

I don't believe she has ever tested that low since diagnosis.  It had been depressing as we watched the number climb or hover at each endo appointment over the years.  I know that there are many times, no matter how hard we try, that it just doesn't seem to budge.  I had to do a lot of trusting and allowing her number to go lower than my comfort zone.  It was hard.  Sometimes, it really scared me.  And there were times and there will still be times when I let her run a little on the high side because, well, it sits better with my nerves than a low.  This is especially true when I leave her in someone else's care.

C and I walked out of that appointment with a happy little A1c!  We celebrated by going to the McDonald's right there in Children's Hospital. We called her dad and left a message.  He would want to share in the excitement too.

When we got home from that appointment, I wanted to tell someone!  Someone that would understand.  Someone that could really understand the significance.  So, I tweeted to my D friends out there.  In a matter of minutes, I had so many responses, so many cheers!  These people totally get it.  One little number.  They understand the blood, sweat and tears (literally) that go into changing it.  It amazes me...this online community.  People who I've never met face-to-face, hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, are there to offer a rousing "yay!"  As I shared this small triumph, I did so with a humble heart.   Because Lord knows, next week, I may need an encouraging word to lift me from the downside of diabetes.

So, one small step for giant THANK YOU to the DOC!


  1. Woot!! Go C! Wonderful job!
    So exciting to get a great number. It shows the effort, for sure! ;-)

  2. YaY!!!!!!!! Congratulations! It's wonderful. It always amazes me how much we depend on that number. It's such a disappointment when it's not what we wanted it to be or thought it would be. A 7.1 is rewarding. Give yourself a pat on the back.... job well done mom! :)

  3. Woohoo to the DOC! I agree.

    "Blood, swear and tears" - couldn't have said it better!

    And you were able to accomplish this while she was AT SCHOOL! Fabulous!



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