Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep by Number

Well, C's blood glucose was all over the board during the "Sleep-Over." 

The bounce castle...the hypoglycemia culprit.

From 32 after the 378 after birthday cake.  And everywhere in between.  Maybe the first sleep-over should have been with 1 or 2 friends not an entire house full of little girls.  Live, learn.

The 32 was quite unnerving, especially since it was only about a half hour after the party started!  There has only been one lower known number on her meter.  I remember a 27, but that was when she was in the hospital at the time of diagnosis.  Needless to say, I hung out at the party much of the time.

As all you type 1 parents know, it is quite the guessing game, this diabetes.  I thought I had set her up pretty well before the party started.  She was around 180.  I felt good about it.  I knew she was running on excitement and would need the extra "umpf."  But, like I wrote above, she crashed to 32 within a half hour. 

So after helping her come up to 78, I didn't correct for pizza at all.  Two hours later...102.  Good call?  More like, good guess.  The 32 really scared me.

Then came a 230.  But they weren't finished with all the games, nail-painting and jacquzzi time, so I left it.  Movies and popcorn.  (I mean, this party had it all!)  Lots of guesstimating.  Lots of manual bolusing.  I wanted C to be carefree.  I hope she felt like that.  I certainly did not.

So when all those cute little girls were snuggled down into their sleeping bags, I checked her, yet again.  378.  Oh well.  A delayed pizza reaction?  Bad guess on the cake?  Popcorn always sends her sky-rocketing.  How about all those things put together?  We dealt with it.  But I didn't want to correct it entirely.  So I half-bolused it.  I went home (two doors down) and set my alarm for 1:00 am.

I crept in the house about 1:03 and made my way to C.  To my surprise, about 1/2 of the girls still had their eyes open, watching a movie!  C was sound asleep.  Wake her up.  Juice box.  Waited.  66!  Patience.  70.  I fumbled in the fridge for some milk.  Kisses.  Back home.  Set the alarm.

At 3:00 am, I repeated the scenario.  195.  I could live with that...or rather, I could sleep with that.  Back home and back to bed.  The party mom was dozing on the couch and I whispered to her, "I'm done.  I won't be coming in again until morning...well...until they're all awake!  She's 195."

The phone woke me about 7 o'clock.  "They're all up!"

When I got there, C checked in at 108.  Wonderful!  Perfect number to have a donut!  In a couple hours, she's home again.  Check...101.  Whew!  We did it, I thought.  It felt so good to have her home again.

What a sleep-over.



  1. WOW!!!!! What a sleep over is right!! :) I'm glad that she enjoyed her time and that you were able to let her do it! I can just imagine how nerve wracking that must have been.

    Glad that the mom was ok with you sneaking into the house! :) Did you know her well?

  2. Wow!
    Go you for being so diligent. Thank goodness the other mom was ok with all this. Awesomeness. Hope you have a restful weekend!

  3. Oh I'm feeling every moment of this post! You get a low like that and you are now completely worried about lows, and what creeps up on you but a high. It's humbling to say the least. I wish it could have been more "perfect" but you did a great job! She woke up with a 108 and everything in between was handled. She will remember the fun she had. You will have different memories, but when you talk about her first sleepover when she's older, I hope you are gratified to hear her say something like, "Oh was I out of range at that party? I don't remember - do you remember that awesome bounce house tho??" (To which you will be thinking - yeah, I remember. How could I forget? But for an entirely different reason). :)


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