Friday, October 9, 2009


Is it just me?  Or does everybody get a bit unnerved opening pump supplies to find that one piece of paper telling you that the products you are about to handle, actually place subcutaneously into your daughter's skin, contains potentially cancer-causing substances?

I try not to anymore.  But everytime I open that box from Medtronic, there it is.  Every three months, that single sheet of paper is victorious in taking a few minutes of my mind's thoughts.  Potentially cancer-causing.  Potentially.

It aggravates me.  I mean, what option do I really have?  We're dealing with diabetes.  I want the best insulin therapy for my daughter.  It feels like a double kick-in-the-shins to know that the products that are keeping her healthy could, ultimately, be harmful.

On another front...I'm a cancer survivor.  So my antennae are working overtime, all the time, when I hear that word.  Or read it.  I'm more mindful now.  I watch what I feed my body.  I am cautious about many things that normally a person would not think about twice.  I over do it with the sunscreen.  I've made peace with vegetables.  I don't want to give cancer even the slightest advantage over me or my family.

But, then, there it is again.  Every three months...a reminder.  A reminder that it's really out of  my control.

Do we, as consumers, pump users and parents of pump users demand products that do not contain these harmful chemicals?  Do we add this to our ever-growing lists of things to do.  I think, maybe, we do.


  1. I never noticed anything in my animas stuff like that but I tend not trash all the papers straight

  2. Never noticed that before. I'll have to look more closely. Thanks for the tip!

  3. OK, now I need to read the fine print. and worry along with you. But, we are in this together : )


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