Friday, October 16, 2009

Sleep-Over Anxiety...

As I write this, every nerve in my body seems to be standing at attention.

Cupcake carb count = lots!

C is going to her first sleep-over this weekend.  She's so excited!  I'm so nervous.  She's thinking of the pillow fights and cupcakes.  I'm thinking of hypoglycemia and the 3 am check.  She's thinking of which pajamas to take.  I'm thinking of which medicine to take--Tylenol or Advil.  I'm feeling a tremendous headache coming on...

Granted, we are fortunate.  The party is taking place 2 doors down the street.  We like this family, a lot.  They are friendly, responsible and generous.  The mom has always taken an interest in C and her diabetes issues.  So, she is very willing to work with me on this.  If I want to stay every minute?  She's good with that.  Sneaking in their house at 3 am?  She's fine with it.  Coming over at 6:00 am for coffee in her kitchen?  It's all okay.


This is going to be good, right?  It's going to be fun for C.  A challenge for me. 

I wish I could see what's around this huge corner that we're turning.

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  1. It will be a COMPLETE success! I promise! This is such a great situation to test the waters! Good luck to you both. I imagine you will need a good nap the next day, but I know you will both be smiling (and you breathing a sigh of relief).


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