Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Love the 4th of July

Fourth of July! We're gearing up for a great day tomorrow...home-town style! Our tradition begins with Dan taking all the kids to the local Fireman's Pancake breakfast (always a tricky carb count!). I love this tradition. It allows me some great quiet time in the morning for me to leisurely shower and get ready for the day. I may even get a delicious white chocolate mocha brought back to me!

Then, it's on to the parade. Both our boys will be in the parade this year to celebrate their "all-star" baseball teams! A parade is always exciting. I can't help but be touched at the beginning when all the veterans march with the flag. I love it! Dan, C and I will cheer them all from the sidelines!

Later in the day, we hope to do a little swimming and relaxing. Maybe we'll head down to the fair festivities at the high school.

And, in between all these wonderful things, there will be diabetes. But it won't take center stage. We won't let it...because...

By 6:00 we'll be enjoying a picnic dinner with family and friends on the high school football field. The kids will be playing catch with a football or frisbee. Music will be playing. Friends will be visiting. The kids will keep asking when the fireworks show is going to start. We'll spend way too much money on glow sticks. And then, when the last remnants of sunlight are gone, the show will ooo and ahhh us for about 30 minutes. We'll hear patriotic music that will focus everyone's attention on the beauties of our country. It will put a lump in my throat.

I love the Fourth of July!

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