Friday, July 10, 2009

Fast-Acting Sugar of Choice

C was diagnosed at such a young age...22 months. She was still in diapers. She was still a baby. She had never even had a piece of candy before.

So, when diabetes came into the picture and an entire double cupboard in our kitchen was dedicated to all of her supplies, we started stalking up on all the suggested fast-acting sugar sources. We included juice, of course, sodas, sugar packets and even tubes of frosting. But no candy.

In the early days, the item of choice was a juice box. We would buy those cute little 4 oz. boxes of apple juice with "Clifford" on the front, Hansen's Junior Juice. The size was great since she really only needed about 2 ounces to bring her number up. It was easy to use. It didn't need refrigeration. And, it had Clifford on it! The only downside was carrying it around long-term.

I remember our Grand Canyon train ride. Before exiting the train, we checked, and of course, C was low. When I searched her bag for a juice, they both had been jostled around so much and worn down that they were slowly leaking. We scrambled for something else. Some nice lady gave us a regular soda. After this experience, we started carrying glucose tabs.

Glucose tabs really are wonderful. They are portable. C likes them. They bring her number up nicely most times. Juice can spike it, but the tabs bring it up to a good range. However, they're quite expensive. And while we've used them for years now, I'm beginning to look at different options: candy.

I know how tempting and addicting candy can be. Up until this time, I really didn't want to put that temptation out there for C. But, as I read more and more blogs surrounding diabetes, I've discovered that so many type 1's have their favorite candies to treat lows. I go back and forth with this idea. We have used Smarties, jelly beans and such, on occassion. When certain candies are handed out to the kids, I've always allowed C to receive them. She used to be happy just to give them to her dad or brothers. But now, we stash them in her bag in case of a low. The main problem with this has been rearing it's head lately...

C will announce to me "I feel low." Okay, let's check...189...nope, not low! Then she'll ask "When I am low, can I have the lollipop I got from the party?" Ug...okay. I fear that she may create a low just to get the candy! I've talked with her about it, telling her how dangerous this could be. I really am fearful about this possibility. But her reaction to me when I mentioned this, she really seemed genuinely (at 7 years old) surprised that I would think she would do that. I don't know. I feel like I'm going into unmarked territory with this.

I suppose we'll do what seems best at the moment. I guess diabetes is just like that.

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