Monday, July 6, 2009

The Cat in the Hat Dilemma

So C tried out for Seussical the Musical last week. Even though all the kids make it, it was still exciting for them to be given the packet for each part (even if the part was simply the chorus!) Wednesday night C was given the part of "Jungle Citizen." I don't know. I've never seen the show. I suppose she'll be a citizen of the Jungle of Nool?!

Parents were given a schedule of practices and performances. In an earlier church bulletin, we had read that the performance would be some time in late September. I thought, okay, that'll work. It will give C something to be participate in, through the! She had performed in the last Christmas show the previous year. Honestly, it was stressful. Bunches of late-night rehearsals on school nights right before break. It's a wonder we all didn't get sick! Needless to say, I already knew we would be passing on the Christmas show for this year.

Well, I was shocked when I read the schedule. It showed that this was actually going to be the Christmas show on December 22 and 23! 5 months of rehearsals...another crazy, chaotic Christmas time?? They had changed their minds on the performance dates as the script and songs are quite difficult and didn't think it could be done by September...Trouble is...we, parents weren't notified. Hmmm? What to do???

Now, you might be thinking, "just let her do it...What's the big deal?" I guess this is where I need some sound advice. Maybe I am being selfish about it all. No...I know I am. I will need to be at every rehearsal. It will not be possible for the sweet show director to take in all of the diabetes issues and be responsible for C to test and ward off any lows. I can't expect her to clue into the seriousness of diabetes when she has 50 other kids to direct. So, of course, I would be there...every time. But then comes people's assumptions that while I'm there, couldn't I just help out with costumes or snacks or sets or miss all the performances and supervise all the out-of-control children while they wait to go on stage? And on...and on...and on. It is difficult, at best, to explain the true reason I'm always there! Gosh, this does sound selfish! It's for my daughter's well-being! And, it never fails, that while I get caught up in "helping," I lose focus on C. On her numbers. Then, we're dealing with an unexpected low or forgetting to test before she's on stage or something else important. Ug!

As I look at this post, it's a mess...sorry! But I'm really needing some other type 1 parents to lend me some sanity here. Any thoughts? Even if you think, "just suck it up and do it!"...I want to hear from you.

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