Friday, September 24, 2010

Mexican Caesar Salad

This is a family favorite!  Middle C continually asks for it.  Yes, salad!

Romaine lettuce, chopped
pepitas (roasted/salted pumpkin seeds)
shredded parmesan or romano cheese
crushed tortilla chips


3 T. pepitas
3 T Parmesan/Romano cheese
3 T red wine vinegar
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 t salt
1/8 pepper
1 bunch cilantro

Combine all dressing ingredients (except cilantro) in blender.  Blend until smooth.  Add cilantro, a little at a time, until well combined.  This is a lot of dressing and can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple days.

That is it...fresh and delicious and no preservatives or chemicals!  A perfect salad to accompany Chicken Tortilla, Chicken Tortilla, Chicken Tortilla Soup!

Sometimes I add chicken, black beans, corn and tomatoes to make the salad a complete meal in itself.


  1. pepitas...roasted/salted pumpkin seeds...we get them at Trader Joe' you easterners have Trader Joe's??? or possibly Whole Foods?

  2. Yep - Trader Joe's out here. I used to go there religiously for soy bean butter and then they stopped carrying it. Any other staples you get there?

  3. oh yes...i would shop there exclusively if i could...but they don't carry everything i need. do you get soy butter in place of peanut butter?...cuz sunflower seed butter is pretty good...are you feeling better and wanting to try different foods now?...i'll tell you all my TJ favorites when you're better and ready to eat! :)


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