Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Diabetes Art Day

September 1, 2010...Happy Diabetes Art Day!  I just can't wait to browse around the blogosphere today and enjoy the creativity!  Did you get artsy??  Hey, it's not too late...

Below is a picture created by C.  I told her to "draw whatever comes to mind when you think about diabetes."
"Pinky in the Meadow"

I just can't help myself...I must comment on this picture! 

This is an 8 year old's point of view on diabetes.  "Pinky" is C's pump.  Look how happy he is!  He's taking C's meter for a walk.  I love this!

My own interpretation:  The insulin pump is taming her blood glucose numbers!  Notice "99," the dog?...he's the meter!


  1. That is so great and I love that the sun is wearing Sun Glasses. That is one cool star! ;)

  2. Good job C.... love the pump and the leash being a tubing! :)

  3. That's amazing! It's so beautiful and C's vision and thought on diabetes...I'm speechless.

    When I was 8, I'm fairly certain my art lacked the talent she's shown here.

  4. Wow, C. That is amazing!!!!! Amazing!! Just like you.

    You should have it framed. It speaks volumes, especially to those adults with T1. Thank you for sharing your great perspective.

  5. I LOVE this drawing!! Pinky is so happy, loving life, the dog-meter with the 99, right on target... and the test strip tail is an excellent touch! It makes me so happy to see a child depict diabetes with a happy, hopeful spin like this.

    Such an imaginative, beautiful drawing, and a fabulous contribution to Diabetes Art Day! Thank you to C for participating, and thanks to you for sharing it here :)

  6. That picture totally rocks! I love how in control C is!


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