Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Five Oh Four...or...Diabetes & the Annoying Orange

We had our meeting...the 504 plan meeting, that is.  All went well.

I am so glad that we started having a plan right from the beginning of kindergarten.  I was apprehensive about it back then.  I remember asking the only other family with type 1 at our school regarding their daughter's plan.  She was considerably older than C.  They had never done one.  The Health Aide said there was no need for one.  The nurse agreed.  But something told me, though these people had C's best interest at heart...and, they are lovely people...I needed to protect my little type 1 kid's rights, in writing.

Each year, the plan is tweaked just a bit, to accommodate a growing kid.  As I think back over the last 3 years, I am pretty amazed at how C has grown in her self-management of this disease!  Don't get me wrong.  She will always be able to count on me to be a part of it all.  I read plenty of grown-up diabetes blogs to know she will continually need a strong support system even when she's an adult.  I am just in wonder sometimes, when she demonstrates a deeper understanding of this crazy thing called diabetes!

So...back to the five oh four...

Really, the only changes this year included the point that one of her parents or designated caregiver must be allowed to ride with her on the bus, for field trips.  There had been a couple instances last year that made me feel that it had better be stated in our plan.  The comments and stares from other parents don't really bother me (kind of).  But when her teacher tells me on each field trip day that I'll be allowed to ride on the bus "if there's room," I figured we should include this little stipulation.

Another small change was the simple added statement:  C will work toward testing and treating out-of-range blood glucose in the classroom.  By 4th and 5th grade, I don't want her to miss any instructional time, unnecessarily.  I really just wanted to mention it to the nurse and principal so they have an idea that the time is coming.

During last year's meeting, I seriously wanted the 2nd grade team of teachers to all handle the glucagon kit and be educated about when and how to use it.  It was quite a hurdle for me.  Maybe this year's teacher expected it. He had no qualms about it.  He went for it!  It almost seemed like he couldn't wait to give that orange an injection! Maybe he had heard about this mom who insisted on teaching the staff about how to inject glucagon into her daughter using an orange. Who knows?

I ended up sharing about the meeting later that night with the family.  Big C chimed in..."Wouldn't that make a great Annoying Orange episode?!"...

"Diabetes & the Annoying Orange"

You say you've never heard of The Annoying Orange??  You're missing out...or...maybe you don't live with a 13 year old!


  1. I remember your glucagon meeting last year. :) Way to go teach this year!

    I couldn't agree more about how they grow and learn and do more amazing things with their care each year, how it should indeed be in writing and heck yeah you need to be on that bus!

    "if there's room" - piffle.

  2. sounds like you did a great job!!! i never had a 504 plan in school, i think just because i was diagnosed in 10th grade! it probably would have been extremely helpful. Good luck!


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