Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's nothing much to look at.  It's plain, old-fashioned really.  For years I've thought We need to get a new one.  It actually looks like the one I had as a young kid.  But now there are so many cuter choices out there.  So why was I so sad when C had lost it last week?

I'm talking about C's medic alert bracelet:

There are the dog's paws on the floor...she thinks I'm holding a treat!

Halfway through softball practice on Thursday night, she yelled to me "Mom, I lost my bracelet!"  She looked panic-stricken.

I told her that it would be fine...to get back with the team.  She was certain she had it on at the start of practice.  She had taken a pretty big hit in the arm earlier.  Maybe it had come off at that time.  So, I began scouring the field.  One of the coaches came over to help.  We looked and looked.  Nothing.

I told him it was no big deal...that she really needed a new one anyway.  But inside, my emotions took me by surprise.  I was sad.  Gosh, she had worn that thing since the age of 2!  I don't even have a good picture of it.  I was getting all sentimental about it as I walked back and forth over the field.

When practice was over, C gathered her equipment.  As we walked to the car, she said, "Mom, we just have to find my bracelet!  I need it."

"Oh, hopefully we will, honey.  Let's just hope and pray that a nice person finds it and takes the time to call us.  At least our phone number is on it!  And...if we don't find it, we'll order another one...maybe a real cute one with beads on it!"

"Okay," she said.  "But how long will we wait.  You know I really need it in case of an emergency, remember?"

"Yes, honey, I know!  If it doesn't show up in 3 days, we'll get you a new one."  What do you know?  She takes after me.

Oh, and get this:  a baseball dad on our son's team called the very next day and said that his daughter had found C's diabetes bracelet at the field!  He had it and would give it to her on Saturday.  Yay!!  (But, I still think we will order a new cute one soon!)

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  1. Wow - I can understand her panic - so much a part of her for so long, I'm sure she felt a little naked.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what cute one you may get!


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