Friday, April 16, 2010

8-10 Ladybugs a Day

I just can't wait.  I'm impatient.  I wrote up a post a couple days ago about meeting another D mom, Melinda (aka @notsostilllifes) last Friday!  I'm trying to sit on my hands so I don't write about it yet...because...well, it's already written, but it won't show for a couple weeks.  Aaaacckkk!  I'm impatient.

But I want to at least share a picture of C's new little ladybugs that were gifts from Michael (18), Melinda's type 1 son.  When he was younger, they would call the drops of blood for glucose checks, ladybugs.  She said he had a ton of them, from stuffed ones to pictures to maybe something like these cute little glass ones.  They're adorable, don't you think?  I guess it's kind of like making lemonade out of lemons!

C says "thank you, Michael!"  And thank you, Melinda, for some new perspective.
This one is "Frankie."  And, yes, all the others have names too!

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  1. So sweet. I love that you guys were able to meet!

    It makes me sad though to think about the size of the drops that used to be needed for Michael - so big they were the size of real ladybugs.


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