Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Do you think World Diabetes Day can borrow this slogan, Dodgers?

We had a great day at the JDRF Walk at Dodgers Stadium last Sunday! 

We were invited to walk with team "Beat the Betes," headed up by a family we've been friends with for several years now.  We know them through Little League Baseball.  The father has coached our oldest son and his own youngest son for several years now on a travel team.  So, the love of baseball, of course is a common denominator for both families.  But, there is another commonality.  Their oldest son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago at the age of 15.  Both C and he started out with the same endocrinologist.  He quickly moved from injections to an insulin pump...just like C.  We've had lots of diabetes conversations with them.  But, I think, the great thing is that there's a lot more to their son than his diabetes.  So not every conversation between our families mentions it.  We talk lots of baseball.  We hear of their oldest son's water polo experiences and plans for college next year.  Type 1 has not been given permission to hold this kid back!

So, on Sunday, we felt honored to be included on his team.  C's name was included on the team's shirts.  It could have been all about him that day, but he gladly included us.  The team was invited back to a relative's house after the walk for a wonderful meal and time just to relax.  C had an excellent time talking with all the teenage girls and hanging out on the trampoline with them.

It was a special day.  You can see the rest of the pictures on our Facebook page:

Oh, a little sidenote: Sugar Ray Leonard cut the ribbon at the beginning of the walk. And while wandering around, my husband and 2 sons went right up to his limo and shook his hand. (No camera, darn.)


  1. I love reading this. So glad your son and his friend have not been hindered! Takes special parents to trust and encourage when fear is ever present. Fantastic job!

  2. Great pictures!!!! Looks like C was right at home the the teenagers! :) It was also very nice of them to include her name on the shirt! :)

  3. Funny, I thought the same thing and took a picture of the Think Blue! I included the walkers ahead of me though!

  4. yes, Rachel! she's 7, going on 17...


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