Monday, November 16, 2009

A Circle of Blue

Yes, the blue cupcakes!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday.  Yes, the weather was near perfect here in Southern California.  Yes, C's soccer team won their last game.  Yes, big C's baseball team had an extraordinary first day of their tournament.  But there was something else that made it a great day.

There was an energy that was being spread, across the globe, really.  World Diabetes Day was here!  The big build-up to the Big Blue Test was being felt via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, news channels, even a mention on a radio show.  We felt connected.  We felt so amazingly different than during those first couple years after C's diagnosis.  We felt understood.  We felt encouraged by friends we've never even met face to face...yet.  We felt compelled to reach out to others.  We felt hope.

We participated in the Big Blue Test.  We posted C's numbers.  They weren't great...188 and 192 after exercise.  I wanted different numbers!  But as I posted them, I thought, well, that just goes to show the inexplainable when it comes to diabetes!

We baked our blue cupcakes.  We enjoyed them after snapping a few pictures with them in the shape of the World Diabetes Day circle.  We bolused a guess for 30 grams.  C ended up at 212 a couple hours later, but we corrected and went on with our beautiful day.  We painted our nails blue.  And, Big C really wanted to join in, but Dad protested. 

And while huge monuments were being lit up in blue across the world, friends all over the place were doing all sorts of creative things to bring diabetes to light.  There was a collage.  Tatoos.  Poems.  Beautiful photography.  Blue Christmas lights being strung.  This year's best diabetic duo SugaSheen putting Beyonce to shame!  It was amazing.  We came up with some other ideas that we're tucking away for next year.  We had fun!

And, like I said, we felt...hope.



  1. You it really does show how diabetes is never the same! When we did the big blue test, Tristan tested at 103. After 14 minutes of playing with my parents' dog, he was at 89! But it could have easily been the same situation as your... he could have gone higher.... you never know!

    I share your feeling. On Saturday even if we were all over the world, I really felt connected. I feel part of a group of amazing people who understood. It was wonderful. Hope is very much alive.... the cure is coming, it has to! :)

  2. Great post and adorable pic of your sweet pea! WDD 09 was an awesome experience, I agree with you and Rachel, there was a feeling of togetherness...none of us are fighting this battle alone. Ben's BG level was higher than I would have liked (162, I think), but he did come down to 121 after exercise. Just like "C", I have seen Ben exercise and go higher instead of lower....Diabetes has no rhyme or reason. Hugz!

  3. Nan-

    C is adorable! I love the blue cupcakes and nails! Sorry diabetes didn't act's kinda like a kid. You want to show someone something and the kid doesn't want to act right at the time!

    Thank you for mentioning sugasheen:) glad you all enjoyed the video:)


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