Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for...

  • the husband who works super hard so I can stay home and take care of our kids and learn this new thing called business
  • big C who, even though frustrates me to no end at times, also makes me just as proud
  • middle C who continually keeps the comedy coming
  • C who blesses me daily by simply being my daughter
  • friends who understand all about me and love me anyway
  • home, though small and modest, is warm and filled with life
  • church family, who has welcomed us with open arms
  • our city that is filled with home-town ideals
  • the diabetes online community for helping us feel not so alone
  • teachers who not only teach my kids, but care about them as well
  • our baseball family who genuinely loves the game
  • the U.S.A. where we feel free and blessed
  • health, though not perfect, has brought me through another year
  • sisters who have grown to be more like friends over the years
  • nieces and nephews for filling the future with great promise
  • sisters and brothers in-law who actually seem like my sisters and brothers
  • jobs that continue to put money in our pockets
  • Lily, our dog, for thinking I'm the best person in the world, even when I'm in a very grumpy mood.
  • my mom and dad for just being my mom and dad...their quiet generosity is such a loud example.
  • the Lord...for everything
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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