Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The First Day of School

Monday was the first day of school. It went something like this:

6:30 am I woke up and showered.

6:45 am Woke up middle C and C and checked her bg...155...not horrible...corrected.

Dressed. Breakfasted. Made lunches. Woke up big C.

7:35 am Out the door. Busy, busy parking lot...parked way far away.

Grabbed bags o' diabetes stuff. "Got your bag, C?" "Yes, mom!"

7:45 am At the Health Office. "Where's your bag?" "In the car." Ug. Back to car.

Back to Office. Talked with Health Aide. Nurse won't be here today! Must come and do all bg checks. Huh? Shook hands with middle C's teacher. Squeezed middle C good-bye. Walked with C to her new room. : ) Smiled at teacher. (We met and talked diabetes last week.) Left extra kit in classroom.

8:05 am Chatted with a few moms I haven't seen all summer.

8:20 am Back at home with big C. Had COFFEE. 1 more cup.

8:30 am Out the door. Picked up big C's friend. Dropped off at crosswalk of middle school. "Bye, sweetheart. Have a good day. I love you!" "Yea."
8:45 am To the grocery store. Although I just went 2 days ago, we are running out of food!

Raced home and put away perishable food.

9:35 am Off to school to do recess bg check...206...high, but we dealt with it. "Love you bug...see you at lunch!" Chatted with Health Aide.

10:00 am Back home. Put away rest of groceries. Continued with the endless laundry. Answered some emails. Processed some orders. Twittered some, of course.

11:35 am Back to school for lunch bg check...133...not bad. Corrected for lunch.

12:00 noon Back home. More computer time. Thought about 1:00 pm check...never mentioned this to new teacher. Maybe she'll be fine? Unless they play hot...she'll go low.

12:15 pm Called school. Talked with Health Aide. Decided on "in class" bg check at 1:30 pm. She'll call me. Okay.

12:30 pm Lunch for me...yay!

12:50 pm Out the door to pick up big C...middle schoolers have minimum day for Back-to-School Night...tonight!

1:15 pm Back home. Talked with big C about the day. He was unusually I took advantage. I heard all about his schedule and what friends are where...and what teachers are nice, mean, cool, etc.. Good times!

1:30 pm Get a call from school. C's bg! Breathe.

2:00 pm Out the door to pick up C. Gathered bag from office. Hugged my big 2nd grader. Talked with teacher. "Everything went great!" Head home.

2:15 pm I heard all about C's new classroom. Pet turtles. Classroom helpers. "I got a lollipop, mom!" *sigh* "Let's save it for a low." bg check...152...okay. Correct and snack time.

2:45 pm Out the door to pick up middle C. (Yes, 3 different pick ups.)

3:00 pm A great 1st day in 5th grade! I heard all about the new teacher. Reward systems. Field trip plans. Who's in what class. All exciting! Snack time and relax.

3:30 pm "Any homework?" "No," "No," "No." But I have 3 big piles of papers to fill out and sign.

It was exciting...the first day of school. Exhausting, but exciting. I count it a real blessing that I can be the taxi service for my kids. (I will need to remind myself of this blessing throughout the year!) There's something kind of magical about this time of year. I don't know...Maybe it's getting back into a routine that is comforting. Maybe it's seeing friends again. But, what I love the most is that feeling of great anticipation for what this school year can hold. The possibilities of learning, of growing. It's a great feeling. I think back a year--and how much my kids have grown and learned since then. Oh, the possibilities!


  1. WOW- You make me SO TIRED!!
    Kelly K

  2. Awesome!! Sounds very tiring but you are a GArate mom!! Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing this.


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