Monday, August 24, 2009

The Boardwalk

Why does this ride scare the bejeebers out of me?

Before we jump into post after post on the "back-to-school diabetes blues," (and believe me, there will be plenty) thought I'd write a light one full of summertime fun...

We stayed around home most of the summer until August 9th. Then we made it up to the Monterey, California area for a week's break before the routine of school began. Good thing we got out of town when we did. With all 5 of us around the house, day-in and day-out for 2 months, I was seriously thinking of having myself committed. (Just kidding, kind of.)

During one of our days, we knew we wanted to take the kids around the bay to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I hadn't been there for nearly 20 years! We decided to be real cheapskates and go on one of their 75 cent nights (Mondays and Tuesdays). Every ride was only 75 cents! (Normally, they can be as much as 4 or 5 dollars!) Also, any soda was only 75 cents too...and maybe I shouldn't mention it, but 75 cents for cotton candy too! This promised to be a great time!

We made a day of it and first went up into the Redwoods. It was something! The weather was perfectly mild and we had a great time walking through the forest and peering up at these giant, ancient fellas. We even went inside some! And though the elevation wasn't even 2,000 feet, we felt like we were worlds away. Lunch was eaten under some shady oaks, and then it was time...the Boardwalk!

None of my pictures do these giant trees justice.

We took a very scenic drive down to the coast on Highway 9. With Gameboys banned, I made sure the kids took note of God's beauty all around us. We made our way to the Boardwalk just before 5 (just before the 75 cents rate started!) My kids were about to pop! I don't know what it was. We've done Disney, Knott's and the like, but something about the Boardwalk was making them hyper. Maybe it's the beach that edges right up to it. Maybe it's the scary, ricket-y rides. Or maybe it was the 75 cents for everything. But there we went.

It was so fun! The best part (for me) was the fact that there was no admission fee. We could freely walk in and among the attractions without spending a dime. And although the hotdog dinner was not even worth the 75 cents, it was an awesome time being a kid with my kids. (I told my husband that the hotdogs did not, in any way, constitute a dinner out for me!)

And diabetes? It behaved itself. For the most part. Even after a double chocolate dipped ice cream cone! That's all the credit I'm giving the D.

***So, if you're in or around Santa Cruz in the near future, crack open your piggy bank and get ready to have a great time with your kids. Remember to go on their 75 cent nights! And, again, though I would have loved to have been paid for this review, sadly...I was not. : )

I skipped this ride for a couple reasons!

The giant swing ride!

One last go on the merry-go-round!
---special note---Unfortunately, the day after our Santa Cruz fun, the much publicized Lockheed fire broke out in the forests above the Boardwalk. This saddened us so much and we hope that all the wonderful state parks were spared.

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