Monday, November 1, 2010

What Did You SAE?

November 1st.  It's just the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month!  Around here, we're going to lay out some facts and SAE It Loud!  (Thanks Sarah, aka: Sugabetic, for rallying the troops!)

The idea here, is to SUPPORT, ADVOCATE, and EDUCATE about bring to light the facts on this, too often, misunderstood disease.

There are so many great things happening this month!  Here are just a few:
  • SAE It Loud around the blogosphere and give some comment love to fellow D-bloggers.  Here's a list of participating blogs from Sarah...
  • JDRF Walk at Dodgers Stadium on Sunday, November 7th.  C is captain of her first team and we're excited!
  • November 9th is D-Blog Day.  Topic:  what 6 things do you want people to know about diabetes?  Check in with your diabetes' BFF, Gina to learn more!
  • November 14th is World Diabetes Day...yes, world!  This is the day to drench ourselves in blue and "bring diabetes to light" around the globe.
  • The Big Blue Test will be happening on November 14th as part of World Diabetes Day.
  • and so many more things that will unfold this month!
The underlying hope, running through all these events?...a cure.

However, in between, and long after November, life with diabetes will continue.  Every day.  Counting carbs before every meal.  Finger sticking multiple times a day.  The monstrous fear of complications.  I guess it's our motivation then, to raise awareness...and SAE It Loud!

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