Thursday, November 18, 2010

eat. pray. bolus.

It's been a little over a week since our JDRF Walk.  I wish that time would just slow down a bit.  Really.  There is so much going on all around us...I wish we could absorb more of it.  Anyway, let's get back to the walk, shall we?...

On Sunday, November 7th, C headed up her first walk team ever!  For the past however-many-years, we have joined a couple different teams.  But this year, C made it clear that she was ready to take on the task of forming her own team and putting in the effort to raise funds.  So, how could we say "no" to that??

And, so, C's Pack formed.  Family joined.  Friends joined.  Friends of friends joined.  Relatives of friends joined.  All-in-all, her team ended up being over 60 people strong!  Donations started rolling in from distant relatives and from some we've only met online!  It truly amazed us!  Her team efforts resulted in donations totaling over $2,600.

What touched us even more than the financial generosity was the participation...the actual walkers who showed up to support her and the others we know that deal with diabetes every single day.  To say the least, it sparked a fire in her, I believe!  What encouragement she (we) felt to see her little friends walking up and down the hills of Dodger Stadium...

It was a terrific day.  And, maybe even a little education was given to bring more awareness to the disease.  We handed out a paper with lots of myth-busting information regarding diabetes.  We just felt that the turn-out for C's Pack was so tremendous, we wanted everyone to go home with a better sense of why we were going to such effort to raise money.

Here's a look back on the day...a terrific one!

60 + strong!


Heading up her own team.

Friends made it special!

eat. pray. bolus.  Our shirts were a hit!

Supportive friends.

Every time we're there, I think I'll take a picture of this...World Diabetes Day, you know!
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  1. so awesome! I love eat pray bolus, omg so clever! Great pcs!

  2. I just have to say awesome post and what wonderful pictures... Now Foods


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