Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Get Moving...

Day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week:  Let's Get Moving...

Although sports and different activities can be challenging when diabetes is involved, we're determined to not let it stop C.  Whatever she's shown an interest in, we've let her try and try again.  Here is a run-down of her experiences:
Sitting out of a soccer game because of a low blood sugar number.

sport/activity and their biggest diabetes challenge
      • dance (ballet and tap) leotards over a pump site
      • swimming...the old "unhooking/hooking up" pump trick
      • soccer...trying not to go low and staying in the game
      • leotards, again and rolling/falling on site
      • softball...protecting the pump and staying on top of bgs
      • beach time...pump site and sand...need I say more?
And of course, along with all these forms of exercise, there is the danger of hypoglycemia, when and how often to test, and how to shove down a snack if need be.  The biggest upset is when, in fact, C does test low and she needs to sit out of the class, game or practice and wait for that bg number to come up.  It's happened on many occasions with just minutes to go in an exciting game.  Ug.
    Sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants.  But we're determined to let her try new things.  It takes constant thought and preparation.  It takes mine or the husband's continued presence at all practices and games.  It takes open and honest communication with coaches and teachers.  But when we see her hit that ball or make a winning pass, she's beaming.  That makes it all worth it.

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    1. I hope she grows up and remembers the beaming moments and the low, sit-out moments are something only in the shadows of her memory. Diabetes really ticks me off when it makes them feel crummy when they are supposed to be having fun. Grrrr..


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