Saturday, May 15, 2010

Diabetes Snapshots...

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week:  Diabetes Snapshots

Showing off her new leopard pack.

On our plane ride to Orlando.

Taking care of her own bg check.

A1c report card.

World Diabetes Day.

The new pink pump.

Site change, ready.

This always brings joy.

Well, after pulling up a lot of pictures that portray diabetes, I found this one.  And actually, I like this one the best.

What does diabetes look like?

Sun-kissed, freckle-faced, and full of life.


  1. I love her gorgeous face, the 7.1 and the 100. Pooey to the 269 - pooey!!!

  2. That last picture says it all. :-D She is beautiful.

  3. That pink pump and leopard pump pack are super cool!!! And so is the beautiful girl who uses them. :)

  4. She's GORGEOUS! And boy can that girl can accessorize !!
    kelly k

  5. I love the pictures! C is beautiful! :)


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