Monday, September 28, 2009

WDD is Coming!

World Diabetes Day is only a few weeks away.  November 14th.  It is actually the birthday of Frederick Banting, one of the people who discovered insulin!  What will you do to mark this day as part of your fight against this disease?

There are a lot of ideas swirling around the internet about it.  It's great!!  I thought I would list a bunch of things that are in the works out there.  Who knows?  It may spark some advocacy in your hearts (or mine!)

  • First off, go to and subscribe to the email newsletter to stay informed of activities and ideas.
  • Macy's Shop for a Cause Donate $5 and receive a voucher (good on October 17th) for 20% off all items plus 25% off one.  (Hey, do your Christmas shopping early!)
  • Help make WDD go viral!  Go to for a list of great ways to help in the cause.
  • Sign the World Diabetes Day USA petition and commit to doing just 3 things for this important event.  They give you lots of ideas!
  • Put a WDD banner on your personal/company website/blog.
  • Light a blue candle on November 14th.
  • Educate a friend about warning signs of diabetes.
  • Simply wear blue in support of World Diabetes Day.
  • Go to and start a walk team.
  • Go to and sign the petition asking Google to light their homepage doodle in blue for diabetes awareness November 14th.
  • Tu Diabetes is sponsoring a video contest called "Making Sense of Diabetes"--go to for all the info.  Each week, the focus will be on one of the five senses and how your diabetes relates.  Interesting stuff!
So, these are just a few examples of the creativity flying around out there.  Some ideas are so simple.  Some require some forethought. may have an idea all your own!  Let's help make World Diabetes Awareness Day count.

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