Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Kids That Care"

Each year, Kaitlyn M (13) has organized and run a fundraiser benefitting the Inland Empire chapter of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Coming up on September 26, 2009 Kaitlyn will be taking on the task once again. She will set up the Craft, Cookie and Lemonade Stand at her house.  Donations will be raised for her walk team, "Kids That Care."  You see, Kaitlyn is your typical teenager. She attends middle school, hangs out with her friends and plays softball. However, she does all these things with the added challenge of type 1 diabetes.

Kaitlyn and friend at last year's walk.

mpg: When were you first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

KM:  October 14, 1998, I was 2 1/2.

mpg: What do you remember from the early time of your diagnosis?

KM:  I was scared and always needed my band-aids.

mpg: Everyone is always curious about the symptoms. What were some of the things happening with you that led your parents to notice something just wasn't quite right?

KM:  I was constantly going to the restroom and was always thirsty. I had the flu and we think that triggered it.

mpg: Briefly, what is your daily routine in managing your diabetes?

KM:  7:00am- Wake up, test and bolus for breakfast.

          8:30- Go to school, drop off test kit at nurses office.

          10:45 (2nd Period)- Test and bolus for snack/

           12:50pm (4th Period)- Test and bolus for lunch.

           4:00- Go home, test and bolus for afternoon snack.

            6:30- Test and bolus for dinner.

            Days over! 9:30 (Bedtime)- Test and write down numbers for the day.

mpg: What do you wish people would understand about diabetes?

KM:  It is not contagious, we occasionally have sugary foods and most importantly we are normal people, we just have to watch what we eat and test our blood sugar.

mpg: What is your biggest challenge in dealing with this disease?

KM:  Not being able to eat all the candy with my friends, I don't have the same freedom as everyone else in general.

mpg: What would you tell a friend who has been newly diagnosed?

KM:  Hang in there, it's a pain, and if you need me I'll be there.

mpg: What made you want to start fundraising for the JDRF?

KM:  I don't like this disease, whatsoever, and we need a cure and JDRF helps fund research to find the cure we most definitely need.

mpg: Describe what people will find when they come out to your fundraiser.

KM:  They will find crafts, cookies, and ice cold lemonade. My friends and family will be there helping and supporting me and I will guarantee they will leave with a smile on their face!

Kaitlyn and some of her team, Kids That Care.

If you are in or around the Southern California area this Saturday - September 26th, come on by!  Leave a comment and my pump gear will contact you via email with specific location and times for the Craft, Cookie & Lemonade Stand.

The Inland Empire's JDRF Walk is coming up on Saturday, October 3, 2009.  If you're in the area you may want to join the team.  Come on out to and help support this great cause. Together we can make a difference! If you'd like to join in the walk or simply make a direct donation to the JDRF, simply go to their website and follow the link to donate. Don't forget to mention "Kids That Care!"  Thank you!!

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  1. Great I interview. Wow, diabetes at 2 1/2 years old. Keep up the great work


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