Monday, June 1, 2009

Sno Cones for Sale

It was cold. It was gray. But still we sold sno cones.

Our JDRF fundraiser was actually a success in spite of the cool weather. The sun has been hiding from SoCal for the past several days. We set up our booth at the Little League Carnival early Saturday morning. We decorated the booth and set up the sno machine. The snack bar graciously allowed us to borrow it for the day. So instead of buying sno cones from them, people were directed over to our booth, where they found regular and sugarfree flavors, of course! The carnival is actually an annual fundraiser for the league, so we weren't sure about doing one for our cause. But the board was great about it and said of course we can do it. We just thought, hey, look at all the years of support C has given at this field, let's set it up here and it was great!

We had our booth right between the 2 fields where the big brothers would both be playing later in the day. It was perfect. We had a bit of a slow start with the sweatshirt weather and all...but by noon, customers came in a steady stream. We so appreciate all the donations beyond the sno cones. It was also a great opportunity to educate those who asked about our involvement in the JDRF. We may have even found a corporate sponsor for our walk team in October! You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there!

There was, however, something that took me by surprise. Maybe we've done too good of a job in not bringing attention to our diabetes situation. A family from one of our teams came to the booth and asked how we're connected to diabetes! I mean, this is a family we've gotten to know throughout the season, sat with, game after game. She looked shocked when I told her, C is type 1. Later, I thought, wow, that's so strange that it wasn't apparent to her. (She's actually in the medical field.) When it comes to diabetes, I feel like we wear it out on our shirtsleeves. But maybe we're getting too good at finger checks and solving lows!

We thanked the snack bar lady for the use of the machine and donated all the gooey, sticky, leftover syrup to the league. We had planned on giving some of the proceeds back to the league as a thank you but were told to just donate all to the JDRF! So we will be sending our profits in to go toward our team's efforts for the walk this fall. It felt good to do something for the greater good. It was so wonderful to watch the kids pitch in and help too! We thanked the other 2 "D" families who came out to help too!! Hey, we're all in this together!

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