Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The D-Mom Blog

Introducing...the D-Mom Blog

Our friend Leighann has taken great care in the design, layout and content of this new and wonderful resource site for parents of type 1 kids.  It just launched last month.  What an incredible need it fills!  How I wished there had been something like this when C was first diagnosed.

It is choc-full of diabetes information...everything from common diabetes terms to helpful hints about eating out.  Can't find an answer to a burning question?  Email in and ask a D-Mom!  Alone, we can feel overwhelmed by our child's diagnosis.  I commend Leighann for bringing us together for support, encouragement and strength.

Each Monday, Leighann introduces a D-Mom or D-Dad to the community.  Yesterday, she featured us!

D-Mom Blog Featured D-Mom

I felt honored and privileged to take a spot on her new blog!  Thanks again, Leighann!

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  1. Thank you for lettting me feature you and your daughter. I have enjoyed getting to know you through Twitter and blogging and wish you much success in your business that helps make pumping easier for children.


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